Monday, September 22, 2014
Welcome to Quatama!

STEAM Careers in Hillsboro

 Mark Shapiro, marketing manager at LAIKA Studios visited Quatama 6th graders on Feb. 14th to share how stop animation films such as ParaNorman and Coraline were created about a mile from the school.  They employ over 200 people in careers that not only involve the arts, but science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  He urged students to develop not only their art, but also the importance of work ethic, persistence in problem solving, and meeting deadlines!


There is no academic seminar on June 11th.  It is a full day of school.  Dismissal is at 2:20 PM  It is also the last day of school for kindergarten.

Thursday June 12th is the last day for 1st – 6th and it ends at 11:20 AM.  Grab and go lunch will be served.


Please check your students lunch account balance with the cafeteria or on-line at MySchoolBucks.  if the balance is low, students will receive a cheese stick and salad bar, but no entrée. 


Principal's Message

 What a pleasure this month has been! I feel lucky to get to know you and your child. An update on some of our work:

Quatama is moving Full STEAM ahead!
In collaboration with the Portland Metro STEM Partnership and the Grey’s Foundation, Quatama teachers have been able to create an integrated Life Science experience this year! We are proud to tell the story of the salmon cycle from habitat to cell.

Quatama will also host the Right Brain Initiative research pilot in coordination with Portland State University.

Kindergarteners will begin their STEAM work by coding computers funded through the Hillsboro Schools Foundation Grant.

What does it mean to move “Full STEAM” ahead?

Persevering-going forward even when things get difficult

Collaborating-working together to accomplish more

Thinking Critically-training your brain to consider all options

Investigating-discovering as much as you can about a subject

Creating-turning thoughts & ideas into things other people can see

Please support your child at home, by asking questions about their school day, reading together, ensuring daily attendance and a good night’s rest. We appreciate all you do to support Quatama!

A big thank you to all our volunteers in the garden over the summer. It is beautiful and a perfect start to a great year!


Christy Walters



 Parents are welcome to refer their child for services designed for students identified as talented and gifted.  Students who score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test of overall reading or math or on a mental abilities test, and have other confirming evidence that they learn at a rapid rate and advanced level, are identified as TAG students.  With parent input, individual plans are made to adjust the rate and level of the student’s instruction to meet their specific needs. 

If you think your child may qualify for TAG services, and want information about the referral and identification process, please call Janis Hill or Shannon Jones 

Servicios para Estudiantes Talentosos y Dotados (TAG)  Los padres son bienvenidos a recomendar a su hijo/a a los servicios diseñados para estudiantes identificados como TAG.  Estudiantes cuales sacan más del 97 porciento en una prueba de logro nacionalmente Regularizada, o en habilidades mentales prueban y tienen otra evidencia confirmando que ellos aprenden a una proporción rápida, se identifica como TAG.  Con las sugerencias del padre, se hacen planes individuales para ajustar la proporción y nivelar dela instrucción del estudiantes para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas.

 Si usted piensa que su niño puede calificar para los servicios del TAG, y quiere información sobre la referencia y el proceso del resguardo, por favor llame a Janis Hill, Directora, o Shannon Jones, Enlace del programa TAG.

Quatama is excited to be pursuing STEM to STEAM education for our students and families.  As part of the Portland Metro STEM Partnership, we are developing, planning, and implementing learning that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The Right Brain Initiative and the staff development it provides to teachers is helping us use the arts as a natural ribbon to tie together other subjects in meaningful, real world experiences.   We invite families to join the adventure in any way you can.  We have need for help in the garden, after school technology and interest clubs, connections to field trips to STEM or STEAM businesses.  Interested?  Give us a call or let your child’s teacher know of your interest.

Click here for a link to the district report cards.

Click here for a link to the Oregon Department of Education AYP report.


Office hours:    7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Our school times are 8:00 – 2:20 M/T/Th/F and 8:00 – 1:50 W.

6905 N.E. Campus Way 
Hillsboro, OR 97124-5611

Phone: 503-844-1180

Fax: 503-844-1182

Attendance: 503-844-1183

Directions to Quatama:

From Hwy 26 take the Cornelius Pass Rd. South exit.  Follow Cornelius Pass to Cornell Rd – turn right.  Continue westbound on Cornell until you reach the stoplight at 231st (North side will say 229th). Turn left.   There will be a turn lane immediately to your left, that will be Campus Way.  Turn left and the school is the 2nd building on the left. 

From TV Hwy, take Cornelius Pass Rd to Baseline and turn left. Continue to 231st and turn right. Continue on 231st past the Max tracks.  Turn right on Campus Way (you will be able to see the light at Cornell Rd).  Our school will be 2nd building on the left.

From Eastbound on Cornell, turn right at 231st.  There will be a turn lane immediately to your left, that will be Campus Way.  Turn left and the school is the 2nd building on the left.