Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Safety Alert
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Preliminary Lead Testing Results for Butternut Creek Elementary School


To the students, staff and parents of Butternut Creek Elementary School,

Over the summer, we conducted water testing at all District facilities and have been awaiting the results, which are coming in one-by-one. We just received results from Butternut Creek Elementary School, where 60 possible sources of drinking water were tested. Testing included the collection of two water samples at each source. Testing of the first samples indicated an elevated level of lead at 3 of the water sources (see locations below). This means that the water sources will be removed from service (either the water will be shut off to these outlets or they will be bagged and have signage that indicates they are out of service) while the second samples are tested. If the second samples show lead concentrations below the EPA’s action level of 20 parts per billion (ppb), those water sources will be determined safe and will be returned to service once the fixtures have been replaced. If they show lead concentrations above 20ppb, the fixtures will be removed and the water sources capped until such time as Facilities can trace the piping to identify and remove the source of the lead. Once that has been completed, the fixtures will be replaced and additional testing will be conducted. Only when further testing reveals that the water sources have lead levels below 20ppb will those water sources be returned to service.

Please visit the Environmental Testing page on the District website for additional information. We will communicate again when we have the results from the second samples at these water sources.

Water sources with initial results showing an elevated lead level:

  • Boy’s Bathroom Near Main Office, Left Hand Sink Faucet
  • Room 16, Sink Faucet
  • Room 18, Sink Faucet

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