Safety Alert

Information Regarding Middle School Mayhem Event on 5/20

Hello HSD Middle School Families,

As you may know, there was an event held at the Hillsboro Stadium on Friday, May 20, called “Middle School Mayhem.” The event was co-planned by Hillsboro Parks and Recreation staff and middle school students who are part of their SPLASH (Students Pursuing Leadership and Serving Hillsboro) program. The event was intended to provide a fun evening of age-appropriate activities for students. And while that is how the event started, there were unfortunately a couple of incidents that escalated, requiring a police response and ending the event early.


Here is a message from Hillsboro Parks and Recreation:

On Friday, May 20, an incident occurred during a middle school event hosted by Hillsboro Parks & Recreation when a fight broke out between two individuals resulting in many in attendance gathering in the vicinity of the altercation. The event was supervised by 50 staff and volunteers as well as School Resource Officers from the Hillsboro Police Department.  As supervisors gained control of the situation, a decision was made to call in additional police officers as well as cancel the rest of the night’s proceedings.


The event was developed by the SPLASH middle school leadership students, in conjunction with staff mentors, with the goal of providing a fun and inclusive evening for Hillsboro youth.  It is disappointing that an event created by youth for youth had such an incident occur. We are currently reviewing the incident and evaluating what steps we will take in the future. 


While this wasn’t a District event, we are following up on incidents that occurred that evening and trying to ensure that there are no lingering issues that may affect school. We want to make sure our schools provide a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.


If you have questions about the Middle School Mayhem event, please contact Hillsboro Parks and Recreation at 503-681-6120; if you have questions about protocols in place to keep students safe at school, please contact your child’s principal.

Special Information

  • 5/18/16-Important Announcement from Mr. Petrick: Please click here to read the letter
  • Click HERE to view an informational slideshow for incoming 7th graders this 2016-2017 school year!
  • We have two students that have a non-contagious medical condition which causes their immune system to be suppressed. This mean that these students are more susceptible to contagious childhood illnesses that other students. If these students should come down with illnesses such as chickenpox, measles, shingles or other contagious disease this student could become seriously ill. Please call our office staff at 503-844-1400 if your child becomes ill or has been exposed to the illnesses listed above. We will then advise the students family of exposure. Please remember state and County regulations dictate that students with the following symptoms may not attend school: Fever, Vomiting, Headache with fever, Diarrhea, Skin lesions (Excessive drainage) and Rashes (with fever). Contact Ms. Zacarias for further questions or concerns.
  • Click here to view a chart about how many of our students are vaccinated. We are required by the state of Oregon to post this. Seleccione aqui para ver cuántos de nuestros estudiantes están vacunados. El estado de Oregon ha requerido que hagamos esta informacion publica.



Click here to print off the GHS soccer camps registration form for July 18th-21st. Girls Ages: 7-13 at Hare FIeld. 


All boys incoming to grades 2nd-10th are encouraged to attend the crimson Tide Boys Basketball camp. If you are interested, fill out the Registration form found in the main office or print one off here. Forms are to returned to Glencoe High School.


GHS is recruiting! click here to print off your own registration packet, copies are also available in the main office.  


On Mondays, during Advisory our students are given an opportunity to fill in their planners with the LOOKING AHEAD DOCUMENT. This document is a good resource for students to see what is coming up and to remind them of deadlines/tests. We will post current looking aheads by Mondays, 8:30am.

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This is the link you will use to access 


Any questions please call the office at 503.844.1400 and ask for Ms.Harris.




Students who need StudentVue are to speak with Ms. Morales in the Main Office. Please come before school or during your lunch. Do not come directly after-school to set this up, unless you have made an appointment. 

We don't want you to miss the bus :) 

Further questions, please call or email me


Tryout packets are in the main office! Pick one up or print one off by clicking here. Questions? Contact Coach Jessica at You may also like us on Facebook, "Glencoe Cheerleading". Our website is also a great resource for information, 

Evergreen students who earn a spot on our Quarterly Honor Roll lists should be very proud of their accomplishments.  To earn a spot on the list at Evergreen, students must earn at least a GPA of 3.0 (to earn a spot on the Honor Roll list in high school, students must earn at least a 3.5 GPA).Way to go, Eagles!   




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