Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Important Announcements

Feedback Sessions

Over the course of April, we will be hosting a series of feedback sessions to help inform our revisions to our School Improvement Plan (SIP) for next year.  These sessions will include times for students, staff, and parents to share what is going well, areas for improvement, and solutions to help us improve.  It would be great if you can join us as we work together to improve Hilhi. 

The following dates/times have been scheduled for parent feedback.  They will be held in the new Library Professional Learning Center.


8:00 – 9:00 am   English Parent Feedback Session

6:30 – 7:30 pm   English Parent Feedback Session



8:00 – 9:00 am   Spanish Parent Feedback Session

6:30 – 7:30 pm   Spanish Parent Feedback Session