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Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety Volunteer Opportunity!


There has been an increased amount of cars dropping off students in the morning. Volunteers are needed to help monitor the school parking lot during drop off. Volunteers will assist in keeping the bus lane and other non drop off areas clear and promote safety awareness. If interested please email or contact the front office at 503-844-1300.


  **Children should arrive no earlier than 7:15. There is no supervision on campus before 7:15.

 **If parents are dropping off children in the morning, they need to do so in the turnaround, not in the parking lot. If you use the parking lot, please walk your child into the building.

 **If parents wish to walk their child into school, they must park and use the designated crosswalk, which is over by the 1st grade pod area. WHEN BUSSES ARE PRESENT, PLEASE DO NOT CROSS BY THE FLAGPOLE TO GET TO THE FRONT DOOR.

Please drive slowly through the parking lot and turnaround area.


DREAM big...REACH for the stars...ACHIEVE success!

At Ladd Acres we believe quality instruction, high expectations, student engagement and community collaboration promote greater achievement and that each and every student can be a successful learner through equitable, high-leverage teaching practices and commitment to success. 

En la escuela Ladd Acres nosotros creemos en colaboración comunitaria, altas expectativas, participación del estudiante, la instrucción de calidad para promover mayor logro y que cada estudiante, sin importar cualquier discapacidad pueda ser un estudiante exitoso a través de prácticas de enseñanza equitiva, prácticas de altos medios y compromiso al éxito


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Parents and Families

Please click here for information on how our school will be responding should anyone with a firearm be found near our campus, as well as federal and state gun laws and District policy references.

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