Sunday, December 04, 2016
Safety Alert
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Final Lead Testing Results for Miller Education Center West and Annex


To the students, staff and parents of Miller Education Center West and Annex,


On September 22, we provided you with preliminary lead testing results for Miller Education Center West and Annex, which indicated that the first draw samples from 2 of the 48 possible sources of drinking water in the school showed elevated levels of lead. Those water sources were removed from service while the second samples were tested. We now have results from the second samples, which show that one of the water sources has a lead concentration below the EPA’s recommended action level of 20 parts per billion (ppb), while the other has a lead concentration above the action level. This means that the fixture at the source where the second sample was below the action level will be replaced and that water source will be returned to service. The water source where both samples were above the action level will be capped until such time as Facilities can trace the pipes to determine and remove the source of the lead. Once that has been completed, the fixture will be replaced and further testing will be conducted. Only when both the first draw and flush samples indicate a lead concentration below the action level will the water source be returned to service.  


Please visit the Environmental Testing page on the District website for additional information.


Water sources with initial results showing elevated lead levels:

  • Main Building, Science Room 119, Handwash Sink at Restroom – REQUIRES ACTION
  • Main Building, Janitor’s Closet Near Main Office – CLEAR