Friday, May 26, 2017
Welcome To Orenco

Allison Combs

Vice Principal:
Teresa Vazquez

Office Staff:
Maribel Morales (Office Manager)
Lucy Smith (Secretary)

School Hours:
M, T, TH, F  (8:00 am - 2:20 pm)
Wed  (8:00 am - 1:50 pm) 

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Phone: 503-844-1370 
FAX: 503-844-1024
Attendance Line: 503-844-1375








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Next Year Placement

If you would like to provide feedback on next years placement please print this document.  Please turn it in the office by May, 31st 2017.














Orca Live TV Broadcasts


Orenco Elementary School’s live, student-produced television production with over 300 broadcasts!        


"Jingle Bell Rock"--Staff Lip Sync 2016

"Welcome to the Show" Video


Special "10 Years of Orca Live" Show 

   "Intro to Photography" Course 

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HSD Festival Videos