Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Principal's Corner


You may have heard the term PBIS used around Patterson. Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS) system is a framework for schools to explicitly teach expectations, set up strong systems, and reinforce positive student behaviors. Students thrive when school systems are consistent and predictable. Inconsistent systems greatly challenge young students who are unable to understand and meet expectations. Strong school systems support a positive learning climate and, ultimately, higher student achievement.  Parents can support students at home using similar PBIS principles:

·         Create consistent schedules around homework, screen time, meals, and sleep.

·         Be specific in your directions. Instead of telling a child to “clean their room,” write out the details that they need to complete to have a clean room.

·         Communicate changes that may be occurring in your home.

·         Recognize your child for the positive things that they do.

Our school’s PBIS program is described in the Parent Resources tab of our website. If you have any further questions about the program or would like to talk about supporting your child at home, please do not hesitate to call the school.

Your Partner in Education,

Jonathan Pahukula



Kindergarten Round Up and Orientation
Over 30 families came to Patterson to participate in our annual Kindergarten Round-Up for 2014-2015 kindergartners. Our future Panthers became familiar and did activities in the kindergarten classroom, while the parents listened to a presentation from our principal, Mr. Pahukula, and our kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Grabel and Mrs. Thompson.    
Congratluations to Skitter, our District's Spelling Bee Champion!

Entering the District's Spelling Bee with high expectations for himself, Skitter walked away as the district champion. As a sixth grader, Skitter won the sixth thru eighth grade division. Appreciation for his accomplishments soars when you read just a few of the words that he was challenged with: bullion, catalyst, incipient, effluvia, bellicose, scintillate, and juxtaposed.


Patterson's Spelling Superstars!
Congratulations to Veronika and Skitter for representing Patterson at the recent District Spelling Bee. Veronika, a 3rd grader, won our third thru fifth grade division, while Skitter won the sixth grade contest. We are proud of you both!  
Celebrities Abound at Patterson Elementary!
Where can you find the "Father of Oregon," the author of the Title Nine legislation, and an Olympic speed skating champion all in one place? Yes, at the Patterson Living History Museum. As their final piece of their biography reports, students from Mrs. Crackel's, Ms. Marshall's, and Ms. Portinga's classes dressed up and spoke in character about the person they chose. The Living History Museum was enjoyed by schoolmates, staff, and parents.  
Crazy Hair Brings Crazy Spirit
Always a fun day at Patterson, Crazy Hair Day brings out the best in school spirit. Students and staff joined in the fun. Spirit days help students build a positive connection to school and learning, and there are more planned for the remainder of the year.  
Burgerville Family Night
The line was out of the door for hours! It was the busiest Burgerville Fundraiser Night that they ever had. And our staff members who delivered orders and cleaned tables kept busy all night long. Thank you Patterson Community, your support will help boost the use of technology in the classrooms.  
Individual Panthers Earn Trophies at State
Congratulations to Tyler, Keegan, and Cole for earning individual trophies on the second day of the state chess tournament. Cole and Keegan placed second and Tyler finished third. Patterson is proud of your accomplishments.   
A Podium Finish for the Patterson Chess Team!
Congratulations to the Patterson Chess Team who placed third at the State Tournament held in Portland! Building on their momentum from their district championship, the team continued their winning ways at state. Congratulations to Coach Fowler and team members Keegan, Tyler, Cole, Ryan, Aiden, and Nolan on a very impressive performance and bringing home a trophy.